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Opening of the NEW "Blomberg Blitz"

...longer, steeper and even safer!

Since 2008, thousands of visitors have jubilated the "Blomberg-Blitz", which has been offering a safe, tracked bob for up to 24% downhill steep curves, three waves, a twister and a jump over a distance of 730 meters. The "Alpine roller coaster" at the foot of the Blomberg offered nerve kinkel at the descent with up to 40 km / h.

Now the operators have again invested in the plant. Since mid-September, the 'Blomberg-Blitz' has been converted and expanded for around 750,000 euros. Now the track leads up the mountain considerably, has a total length of 1,300 meters and starts from a wooden pin at the highest point the rapid descent, which now partly between trees and then down over the mountain meadow descends and now two jumps, four waves, A gyroscope and a twister - and this also at night with lighting!

Also in even more security was invested. The system now features a 100% safe track end brake in modern eddy current braking technology, as well as an automatic locking of the safety belts.

Naturally, it is also true that (almost) every weather is driven at all seasons. In case of rain or snowfall, glass hoods protect the passenger, who can individually control his speed with a lever. A solo trip is possible from 8 years, accompanied by an adult from 3 years. Children up to 7 years old are allowed free of charge.

Since the operators adhere to the concept of family-friendly leisure facilities, they have two good news: despite new high investments, there are no price increases and every Saturday evening is offered for a flat rate of 15 euros between 19 and 22 clock, flat rate sledding. This means: once pay and then go to the end of the operation as often as you want! This is without snow for the Blomberg-Blitz and with snow for the Winterrodelbahn. Wt